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TWENTIETH TALK            4o9

the Lord Buddha as my guide. You are not asked
to renounce any other religion. Buddhism is perhaps
the widest of till religions in that respect. Buddhists
do not ask you whSt you believe. They merely ask :

£< Will you follow the teaching of the Lord Buddha and
live so far as you can the life He recommends a man
to live?" Any follower of any other religion might
say : lc The teaching is a good teaching, I will follow
it " and thereby become a Buddhist by undertaking to
live according to that teaching. So there is in that
no resigning of any other faith ; one must learn to
understand them both. One would say, perhaps,
that if we can put the truth from the standpoint of
Unity, instead of from that of separateness, we shall
then be ideal ^Theosophists in that respect, because
that is what we are trying to do. The truth lies
behind all these religions. That is a'commonplace»
but it lies a long way behind some of them. It is
successfully concealed in the presentation. We are
trying to study that truth which lies behind, and so
we put our statement from the standpoint of that
truth, and in that way we can help the people who
only know the initial statement. Then we can see
the good in all and we can help all, but it needs that
we understand first. That is why we study Com-
parative Religion, not only that we can see that the
Theosophical truths do appear in all religions, but
also that we may understand the different presenta-
tions of them and be able to talk about them along